Review: DR. SEUSS GOES TO WAR by Richard H. Minear and Dr. Seuss

dr-seussCarol from Magistra Mater recently reviewed Dr. Seuss Goes to War:  The World War II Editorial Cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel by Richard H. Minear and Dr. Seuss.  Here’s a snippet:

He was raised Evangelical Lutheran, was against American isolation and neutrality, against Charles Lindbergh, against America First.   He was an interventionist and wanted to show the connections between the isolationists and the Nazis.  He was against racisim and against anti-Semitism, but was stridently racist towards the Japanese.

Read the entire review (and some interesting tidbits on Yertle the Turtle) here.


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  1. My History teacher used to put political or wartime cartoons on our exams and have us analyze the period or person it was poking fun at. So for our graduation (we buy the teachers gifts) we got him this book.

  2. This is the cartoon he loved to use:

  3. Interesting. I was never exposed to political cartoons in history class. Thanks for sharing the link!

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