Holocaust Deniers and Facebook

Holocaust deniers seem to be still around, and the Christian Science Monitor‘s blog discussed earlier this month how some Facebook communities are maintained by people who do not believe the Holocaust occurred.  While Facebook says that these communities do not represent the company’s ideals, the social networking site is willing to allow these communities to express their rights to free speech.

Any thoughts?


  1. I am incredulous, always, that anyone out there denies the Holocaust. Talk about a group of people in full-fledged denial! Might as well way that 9/11 didn’t happen, while they’re at it. As far as Facebook, though, there are groups on there that would curl our hair, but it is their right. Some of the groups offend me, but that is my problem. They aren’t doing anything illegal, unless being idiots is against the law!

  2. I find it completely insane that these people are in denial…are they going to say that 9/11 didn’t happen either??!!!

    I am all for free speech, but I just don’t get how these people can ignore the evidence.

  3. I believe in the right to free speech, and that means we can’t pick and choose which people can say what they think. I think they have some major issues, though, after all the evidence has been presented and they still don’t believe.

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