Recipes Inspired by WWII Literature

We wanted to thank everyone who has continued to read WWII and Holocaust-related literature in the last six months.  It’s been great to see all of the fantastic reviews, comments, and publicity generated by the participants and other bloggers, authors, and publishing houses since the start of the challenge.

In a unique twist to book club meetings and discussions of WWII and Holocaust literature, Maw Books recently shared with her readers some recipes reflecting what characters in the novel ate and  based upon WWII rationing.  I wanted to call attention to these great posts and the photos accompanying the recipes.

First, check out the Tomato Aspic eaten by the characters of Jimmy’s Stars by Mary Ann Rodman.  Jimmy’s Stars is a novel about how the drafting of Ellie’s older brother impacts her family still back on the homefront.

Second, check out the recipe for Chocolate Cake.  This recipe is likely to have your mouth watering.  It looks delicious, particularly those strawberries.

Natasha from Maw Books and her book club have a great angle to their meetings by creating food from the novels they read.  Maybe other book clubs do this.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see other WWII inspired dishes?


  1. I think that would be neat, making dishes inspired by or featured in books. I know there’s a WWII book called How to Cook a Wolf. That would be an interesting one.


  2. Maybe you should check that book out and start cooking! LOL Maybe we should do that for the Hunger Games meeting??!

  3. I think it’s haunting that wordpress suggested this as a possibly related post to my recent post on SB 1070 and lettuce. In some ways what is happening in AZ has been equated to the early Hitler era.

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