Veteran’s Day: We Must Never Forget

Veteran’s Day was a busy day in my house when I was growing up.  First, it’s my sister’s birthday (Happy birthday, Erika!).  Second, my father was a Vietnam veteran, and I’d go with him and his VFW buddies to put flags on veteran’s graves.  I was even a member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary, and I’d march with him in the parades.  My great uncle died in WWII, and we’d also make our way to the green in Voluntown, CT, to pay our respects at the memorial where his name is listed.

We must never forget the sacrifices made by the men and women in the military, and we should take the time to thank those who serve for our country.

Click here to read an essay about my father that I wrote for Phyllis Zimbler Miller’s (author of Mrs. Lieutenant) blog.

Click here to read an essay by Heather from Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books in which she talks about how WWII brought her grandparents together and why she likes to read books set during that period.


Here’s my little addendum.  Veterans Day (Yes, Happy Birthday Erika) is not about the wars fought and won.  It is about remembering those who came before us, protected us and our freedoms, and the sacrifices they made.

Here’s a cool list of war-related books over at The Book Case.

There are so many war stories and fictional novels about war on the market.  Most recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Chris Coppola, a pediatric surgeon during the Iraq War.  If you are interested, please read part one and part two.

Additionally, he wrote up a guest post for Savvy Verse & Wit.

Thanks, Anna, for sharing your links and thoughts about veterans, the Vietnam War, and memories of your father.  He is still missed.


  1. Thanks for including my post here. I hope that everyone is remembering and honoring the veterans, active service personnel, and fallen heroes in their lives today.

  2. Heather: You’re very welcome. I appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us.

  3. I think Heather’s post is fantastic. I really do hope everyone is honoring veterans in some way.

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