Wow, has WWII been in the news lately or what?!  Let me explain.  recently we posted about a selection of diary entries published in book form by one of Benito Mussolini‘s mistresses.  Today, were going to talk about a number of WWII news items.

Copyright AP Photo/Mike Fuentes

First up is a WWII veteran, John Pistone, who has had an art book in his possession for nearly 65 years after taking it from Adolf Hitler’s home in the Bavarian Alps.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  The book contains photos of paintings, which document the art stolen from Jewish families by the Nazis.  Gotta love that the Germans documented everything.  Attorneys indicate that it is relatively common for soldiers to hunt for souveniers during war.  Pistone’s art book will be officially returned to Germany in January.  Check out the rest of the story from the Associated Press.

A Christian Science Monitor story examines what happened behind the scenes of military strategy to allow the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.  While public reports issued by the government and Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox mostly outlined the heroism of the Hawaiian base, secret investigations reveal that the commanders of Pearl Harbor did not view an air attack on the port as likely.  Knox also discovered that the Japanese strategy was very detailed and that the Japanese were very resourceful.   While initially commanders in Hawaii were blamed, subsequent investigations, including one in 1944, reveal that higher officials also may be blamed, particularly Admiral Harold Stark who failed to apprise the port of deterioriating relations between Japan and the United States.  Click on the full link above for more details.

Copyright Jean-jacques Delorme

Today in The Washington Post there was an article about the babies fathered by German soldiers in occupied Europe and how they dealt with the deeds of their parents.

Historians calculate that about 200,000 children in France were born to German soldiers out of the possible 800,000 or more children born during the Nazi occupation of Europe.  After the fall of Nazi power, many of the women engaged in these relationships were tormented or put in jail, and the children were terrorized or lived in shame and secrecy.  One of these children, Jean-Jacques Delorme, who is 65, has established the Hearts Without Borders group to help these children deal with their parents’ sordid pasts.  Click the link above for the full story.

Still there is so much we have not uncovered about WWII or talked about.  Keep your eyes open for more.


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  2. Interesting stories. So sad about the children of German soldiers. I can understand how much anger the people had after the war, but those kids had nothing to do with it.

  3. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read the story. Imagine being the mothers…their heads were shaved so everyone knew who they were and what they did or they were put in jail after the Nazi’s were defeated.

  4. Oh, yeah, I just read about the book taken from Hitler this morning on a news site. How interesting…

  5. I love that this soldier thought hey, let me take this as a souvenir! LOL

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