Review: ALONE IN BERLIN by Hans Fallada

Tracey from A Book Sanctuary read Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada for the WWII reading challenge.  Here’s an excerpt from her review:

As I got further into the book, I found myself wondering if life was really like that under the nazi regime, where every word and action could be misconstrued, where fortunes can change in a moment,where you can’t as much as glance at a beaten man in the street for fear of being locked up as a sympathiser. How incredibly difficult to maintain any sort of integrity. Could daily life for the average citizen really have been that compromised. I came away with the uncomfortable feeling that it probably was.

Read her entire review here.

**Attention participants:  Remember to email us a link to your reviews, and we’ll post them here so we can see what everyone is reading!**


  1. The Monuments Men

    If you like the The Morning Joe Show video clip with Doris Kearns Goodwin discussing The Monuments Men (, check these out!

    The Greatest Heroine of WWII, Rose Valland –

    Passing the Torch: Touching video clip of Robert M. Edsel discussing his last conversation with Lane S. Faison. –

    Robert M. Edsel discussing the amazing story of one of nine living Monuments Men, German born Harry Ettlinger. –

    Book Page writes, “an account that moves like a Hollywood action adventure…there are heroes to root for, villains to hiss at and an increasingly pressing race against time…Whether you’re a fan of art, military history or stories of real-life heroes, The Monuments Men is a treasure worth the hunt”. I hope your blog will profile these great heroes of civilization and share their story with your readers and supporters.

    Thank You,

    Robert M. Edsel

  2. Robert: Thank you for stopping by and leaving the links. I’ve added “The Monuments Men” to our recommended reading list.


  3. “Alone in Berlin” is a thrilling read even if you are not interested in German history at all. But if you are, this book will keep you sleepless at night:

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