Reviews: THE APPLE by Penelope J. Holt

The Apple by Penelope J. Holt is a “creative nonfiction” book that tells the story of Herman Rosenblat, a Holocaust survivor whose story of first meeting his wife as she passed apples to him through the fence of a concentration camp generated a lot of attention when it was found to be a lie.

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J.T. Oldfield from Bibliofreak says:

Disregarding the controversy, the hook of the novel, I think that Herman Rosenblat had a beautiful story of love–but of a different kind: brotherly love.  As the youngest in the family, his three older brothers took care of him in the camps, often sharing what little food they had with him, as he was still growing.

But I guess that had been done before, and people are suckers for a good romance.

Anna from Diary of an Eccentric says:

I think it is important to note that Holt does not portray Rosenblat as a saint or someone who should be pitied.  I think it was her intent to show the horrors the Nazis inflicted upon the Jews and how it might affect — but not justify — someone’s actions down the road.  It’s about balancing the lie itself and the reasons why it was told in the first place.

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  1. herman’s original memoir, the angel at the fence, was great. i have seen it available for free download. its a great read. link:

  2. will barbara rosenblat, herman’s niece, be doing the audo book for “the apple”? she is one of the top narrators for books on tape and she would do such a spendid job. if she would read the book id like to get a copy for my wife so she can listen in the car.

  3. Sam: Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on an audio version of “The Apple.”

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