Review: RACHEL SARAI’S VINEYARD by Deborah Rey

Lorri from Jew Wishes recently posted her thoughts on Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard by Deborah Rey.  Here’s a little of what she had to say:

Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard is not a pretty story, not a sugar-coated story, and not one to read if you are prone to having a weak stomach and/or dislike harsh language. But, for those who can persevere through the emotional content, you will finish the story with an education of how some children were abused and misused during World War II, to suit the goals of adults. You will come away appalled at how children could be forced into the workings and hold of the Resistance.  Deborah Rey’s writing is vivid and compelling, and she paints pictures that boggle the mind.

Read all of her thoughts here.

**Attention participants:  Remember to email us a link to your reviews, and we’ll post them here so we can see what everyone is reading!**


  1. i just reviewed rachel sarai’s vineyard, too…it was a difficult read, but one that i’m glad i finished…thanks for sharing JW’s thoughts here, as well.

  2. To be on this site is an honour, indeed, and I thank you for it.


    Deborah Rey

  3. indyretreats: Thanks for sharing the link. I will check out your review.

    Deborah: Thank you for stopping by. We’re happy to feature your book on our site.


  4. This book has been withdrawn again, this time by the author. The first time by the publisher. Both times because it was discovered to be a hoax. Do your research. Check your WW11 facts.
    You should remove this book from your site. It denigrates it, and all genuine survivors.

  5. This book is not a hoax, Silas Brown or whatever your real name may be. You and your fellow muppets keep saying that and nobody comes with any proof. You read the book and tell me where I HISTORICALLY make mistakes.
    Question: How can a NOVEL be a hoax?
    WW11? Eleven? Good Lord, that’s 9 more than we already had.
    Oh, and also, the first time the publisher and I TOGETHER withdrew the book, this time I did it all by my little ol’ self. It’s not dead, though. Far from it.
    I think you are pissing against the wind, with your crap about my novel denigrating genuine survivors. I never said that Rachel Sarai was a survivor and also never said the book is a Holocaust novel.

  6. Would it not be terribly interesting to have Silas Anonymous/Sergeant/Lowne/Koenig/etc.
    tell all of you WHO disovered it to be a hoax and what PROOF he/she/they have?
    All these hoax hunters do is yell, Hoax and Liar and Fake … nobody comes with some solid proof,
    And isn’t it interesting that Silas Whatshisname does not have a link back to a site, or a blog? As usual.

  7. Silas: We at War Through the Generations would appreciate that you not use our site to hurl accusations, especially when you provide no evidence to support them. We don’t know the specifics of the book’s being withdrawn, but in our opinion, if it’s labeled a “novel,” then it’s fiction.

  8. Thank you, Anna.

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