Review: Frost/Nixon directed by Ron Howard

Frost/Nixon directed by Ron Howard is a powerful film about Richard Nixon’s time in the presidential office.  He was the only president to resign, but not the only president to be on the verge of impeachment.

Frank Langella executes a phenomenal portrayal of Richard Nixon from his mannerisms to his sweating under the hot interview lights and that imitation of his voice is haunting.  Michael Sheen’s role as interviewer David Frost, who cracked the facade of Richard Nixon and his lies, is exceptional and powerful.

From the set up of Frost as a TV personality on the verge of greatness as he shifts from performer to journalist, Frost/Nixon is a movie chock full of history about the Vietnam War, the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and the Watergate scandal and subsequent cover-up.

Howard’s movie recreates a moment in media history when journalism was at its peak and still focused on the nuggets of truth and digging down deep to get at that truth.  Objective truth begotten through tough questions and due diligence.

I highly recommend this movie.


  1. FACT IS –having made BILLIONS upon BILLIONS these past decades
    outsourcing labor, and unflinchingly catering to the franchise-slum denial needs of
    history’s —MOST—- awesomely genocidal regime —ACROSS the Pacific
    -Hollywood continues to deal moral alibis –for iITSELF- via ad nauseum
    rounds of seen-to-death PC themes.

    If you REALLY wanted to get Nixon on something —you might have tried
    the issue of opening the door to selling out to MAO —on this, the once again
    ‘mysteriously overlooked’ 60th Anniversary of the epic, urgently relevant
    —indeed, STILL unfolding ——KOREAN WAR.


  2. I’ve seen this while scrolling through the tv listings. I don’t know much about Nixon, so maybe I’ll give this a try.


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