Review: Uncommon Valor, The Veteran

Uncommon Valor is about a father’s (Jason Rhodes) search for his son and about the government’s efforts to prevent him from finding his son.  In 1972, a father’s son is left behind when his unit pulls out under heavy fire.  In 1977, following the war, the father, played by Gene Hackman, ventures to Thailand to find someone to help locate his son.  After digging for several months, he discovers his son is in a prisoner of war (POW) camp in Laos.

Rhodes spends a bit of time in the movie recruiting members of his son’s unit to help him drop into Laos and find his son and any other POWs who might be there with him.  Meanwhile, the government is watching through surveillance and more.

The movie is about saving your son, maintaining camaraderie, and more.  Watch as these veterans retrain, overcome their fears, and return to a hostile land that still refuses to give up POWs.

The Veteran is a recent 2006 movie in which a politician must face the demons of his past in Vietnam.  More than 1800 soldiers were still accounted for in the Vietnam War as of 2001.

This movie stars Ally Sheedy and Michael Ironside and is set against the backdrop of the most recent Bush Administration and the Iraq War, which many have compared to the Vietnam War.  The politician/priest meets up with a fellow soldier in Vietnam after 30 years, Doc.  Unfortunately, he’s bitter about being left behind and being considered killed in action.

Amidst CIA investigations, a veterans affairs investigation into whether MIA and POW claims are legitimate, a man reconnects with his past and a war that he cannot forget.  With flashbacks to the combat, little by little all is revealed about the politician’s time in Vietnam.

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  1. You certainly have been watching a lot of Vietnam movies!

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