Guest Review: THE BLACK ECHO by Michael Connelly

Today’s guest review comes from author Mary Simonsen.  She has written a number of novels, including Searching for Pemberley and Anne Elliot, A New Beginning.

Please give her a warm welcome as she reviews The Black Echo by Michael Connelly, which follows Los Angeles Police Detective Harry Bosch as he uncovers who killed fellow Vietnam “tunnel rat” Billy Meadows.

It is in The Black Echo that we are first introduced to Hieronymus Bosch, a LAPD homicide cop. Harry is unpopular in the squad room, but he doesn’t care. His loyalty is to the murder victim, and nothing and no one stands in his way of bringing killers to justice. The son of an alcoholic mother, whose murder remains unsolved, a veteran of Los Angeles’s foster care system, and a survivor of the Viet Nam war, he dons a hard shell to protect him from the realities of his past and the ugliness of the present.

The Black Echo is only the first of a dozen books featuring Harry Bosch, and these mysteries are gritty, well plotted, and intense. But it is in this first of the series that we see how the Viet Nam War lives in his subconscious. His attention to detail, knowing what was around the corner in those dark labyrinths, and believing only what his senses revealed was what allowed him to survive the tunnels of Viet Nam, and he brings those survival skills to his job in solving murders.

This novel weaves numerous details of the Viet Nam War into its story and shows us how great an impact that unpopular war had on those who fought it. Michael Connelly is a superb story teller, and once you meet Harry, you will want to read the entire series. But part of your understanding of his character depends on your knowing what it was like to fight in a war that was already lost before Harry Bosch ever arrived in Southeast Asia.

Thanks, Mary. We appreciate your guest review.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting series! Thanks, Mary!

  2. I can’t say enough about Connelly’s Harry Bosch series. I found Harry when Connelly had already published about four books, and I just read them one after the other.

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