In the News: ‘Virtual’ Civil War

According to Virginia Heffernan of the New York Times,the History channel’s Civil War Today app for the iPad is entertaining and can even promote anxiety in users.  She writes that day 10 of the Civil War had 52 casualties in the North and 3 in the South.

This is the 150th anniversary of The U.S. Civil War, and the app promises to provide users with an opportunity to “live” the events of the war and its battles.  She writes, “With its newspaper-like format, and new offerings each day of photos, features, games, maps, documents and videos, the app is designed to transform this day into one of the morally overcast days in the spring of 1861, when, as one diarist put it at the time, ‘a foreboding for the future’ weighed on everyone.”

To find out more about the app and its costs, visit The New York Times.

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  1. Anxieties from an app? That’s really interesting. Then again, the Medal of Honor game used to give me anxiety when I would hear the tank coming and I didn’t have anywhere to hide, LOL.

    Thanks for posting this!

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