2012 War Reading Challenge Is….

WWI Reading Challenge

***Buttons Are Here!***

In 2012, Anna and I could not pass up the opportunity to delve into WWI, often considered The Great War, which occurred roughly between 1914 to 1918 and started roughly with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary.

The WWI Reading Challenge will be held between Jan. 1, 2012, through Dec. 31, 2012.

Books must have WWI as a primary or secondary theme and occur before, during, or after the war.

Here are the reading levels:

  • Dip: Read 1-3 books in any genre with WWI as a primary or secondary theme.
  • Wade: Read 4-10 books in any genre with WWI as a primary or secondary theme.
  • Swim: Read 11 or more books in any genre with WWI as a primary or secondary theme.

We’re waiting on some buttons for the challenge, but you can read all the details and sign up at War Through the Generations.

This just in — The 2012 Read-A-Long Book is A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

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Review: THE ONE WHO WAITS FOR ME by Lori Copeland

Reviews by Molly reviewed The One Who Waits for Me by Lori Copeland for the U.S. Civil War Reading Challenge 2011.  Here’s an excerpt:

Pierce, Gray Eagle, Preach, Beth, Joanie and Trella are wonderful characters. Each owned a piece of my heart by the end. And through their journey, traveling along side of them, I felt transported to another place in history. I could see the plantations, the soldiers in their Civil War uniforms, the ladies with their tears and frightened looks on their faces. I loved how Ms. Copeland incorporated the use of Nuns and a convent to witness to Beth, a lonely soul who didn’t believe in God or prayers.

Read the full review.

**Attention participants: Remember to email us a link to your reviews, and we’ll post them here so we can see what everyone is reading!**

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