Movie Review: WAR HORSE

Victoria Janssen recently watched and reviewed War Horse, the movie, for the WWI Reading Challenge in 2012.  Here’s a sample:

I’ve never read the novel War Horse by Michael Morpurgo; all of my comments are based on the Spielberg movie. I imagine the novel is a much different experience, because it allows for narration from the horse’s point of view. In the movie, the horse is not given a voice.

As someone who’s done a lot of reading about World War One, I really enjoyed the visuals of this movie, particularly the trenches and No Man’s Land. Some of it looked so familiar, I suspect I’ve seen some of the research photos that were used. In particular, I liked how accurately the British and German trenches were differentiated. In general, the German trenches were larger, better-constructed, and more comfortable; this is clearly shown in a scene during the Somme offensive when the lead character, Albert, makes it into a German trench before being gassed.

Read the full review.

**Attention participants: Remember to email us a link to your reviews, and we’ll post them here so we can see what everyone is reading!**



  1. Both the book and the stage play of this are fantastic; I haven’t seen the movie yet and was afraid I’d be disappointed. But, you’ve encouraged me to see it.

  2. I hope to see this movie myself, but I would love to see it on stage too.

  3. I confess, I think I would have liked the stageplay better – I mean, puppets! HORSE puppets!

  4. I’m not sure which I would have preferred to be honest…since I’ve seen neither, I’ll reserve judgment. 🙂

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