Giveaway: WWI Participants

It’s that holiday time of the year.  For those of you who participated and want to enter the giveaway for a WWI book of their choosing from either Amazon or Book Depository, please leave a comment below.  There will be 2 winners.

The comment must include:

  1. How many books you read for the challenge.
  2. Whether you achieved your reading goal.
  3. Which of the books you read that were your favorite.

Deadline to enter is Dec. 31, 2012.

Thanks for joining us this year, and we hope you’ll join us again in 2013.


  1. I entered the “Dip” level, and wound up reading 4 books. I think there was another one actually, but it didn’t make it on to the official list… anyway I enjoyed the fluffy Charles Todd mystery most, but learned most from the Keegan book. 🙂

  2. I entered at the Dip level and finished with 5 books. My favourite of the five was Prisoners in the Promised Land by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch which introduced me to a new topic and solidified the author as a favourite:

  3. I entered at the wade level (4-10 books) this year, and actually read 11 books so far. My favorites were Strange Meeting by Susan Hill, The Summer of Katya by Trevanian, and Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks.

  4. I entered at the wade level but ended up reading 15 books; as a history teacher I am especially interested in The Great War which was so overlooked for a long time. I particularly enjoyed Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks and recommended it to my book club. Many members also saw the PBS movie. Also, I liked the Maisie Dobbs series and the book about the real Downtown Abby countess Elmina by the 7th Countess of Carnarvon. I must not neglect Jeff Sharaa who wrote To the Last Man. He follows in his dad’s footsteps and writes such great historical novels. I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s challenge and look forward to next year and the American Revolution.

  5. I read 14 books and achieved my goal. I have many TBR since I made a journal with many suggestions from your website and will continue on my list. My favorites were Charles Todd’s books, Lady Almina and Downton Abbey, Vera Brittain’s memoirs and poems and Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants. Concentrated more on women’s role during WWI and poetry of Wilfred Owens, Robert Graves and Vera Brittain. Thanks.

  6. I read 13. I surpassed my goal. I began with a goal of reading 3-10 books for “the wade”. My favorites were and are in this order: 1. A World Undone the Story of the Great War by GJ Meyer. 2. Nurses at the Front Writing the Wounds of the Great War edited by Margaret R. Higonnet. 3. The Great Influenza The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History by John M. Barry.
    Thank you!

  7. I entered at the Wade level, but only read 2 books. Of those, I enjoyed One of Ours by Willa Cather more.

  8. I entered to read 11 and have completed 15. My favorites were Peter Englund’s “The Beauty and the Sorrow”, Vera Brittain’s “Testament of Youth”, Ken Follett’s “Fall of Giants”, and Adam Hochschild’s “To End All Wars”.

    I’m going to continue with this war throughout 2013. I feel I’m just beginning to get a handle on things. I didn’t participate in the WWII challenge a few years ago, and find that several of my reads are leading me into that war. Besides, as someone commented above, the 15 I read generated another 15 TBRs to explore. Such fun!!

    I’ve done a lot of Revolutionary War era reading as I read the US President’s biographies in another challenge, so I’m going to stay on the WWI and II track for awhile.

    Thanks for sponsoring this great series and good luck for 2013.
    Tina B.

  9. I decided to try the dip level and read 3 books about WWI. I accomplished that goal. I think my favorite book of the 3 I read was The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian. I learned of this book because other people read it for the challenge and am so glad I read it because I learned a lot about the war in Turkey and the Armenian genocide. Thanks for hosting!!

  10. I read three books and watched and reviewed two films. I signed up for 4-10 books; if you count the films as a book, I reached my goal. My favorite book was Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear. I watched the film Joyeux Noel (about the Christmas truce) on Christmas Eve and posted a review on Christmas Day. It was not a great movie but did a decent job of portraying World War I.

  11. I signed up for the wade level and ended up reading seven books–and I still have more on my list that I want to read. Like some of the others, I feel there is more I want to learn and understand about this war.

    My favorite was To End All Wars by Adam Hochschild. It really helped me understand the war.

    I have a wrap up post here that covers the books I’ve read:

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