Book Reviews: Vietnam War

These are links to reviews from all over the blogosphere.  Not all are participants in the challenge, but all participant reviews featured on War Through the Generations are linked here.

We are continually adding to this page, so if you’ve written a  review about a Vietnam War book and would like it linked here, please email us at warthroughgenerations at


A Hundred Feet Over Hell by Jim Hooper [reviewed by Bookfoolery and Babble, Diary of an Eccentric, Savvy Verse & Wit, You’ve GOTTA read this!, Laughing Stars,]

A Million Shades of Gray by Cynthia Kadohata [reviewed by Becky’s Book Reviews]

A Piece of My Heart: The Stories of 26 American Women who Served in Vietnam by Keith Walker [reviewed by Living to Think, Matt’s Book Blog]

A Vietcong Memoir: An Inside Account of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath by Troung Nhu Tang [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]

Across the Mekong River by Elaine Russell [reviewed by Diary of an Eccentric, Book Dilettante, Savvy Verse & Wit, Helen’s Book Blog,]

After the Fire, a Still Small Voice by Evie Wyld [reviewed by A Book Sanctuary, Books and other Stuff, Fleur Fisher in Her World, PeachyBooks]

All the Broken Pieces by Ann Burg [reviewed by Maw Books]

America’s White Table by Margot Theis Raven, illustrated by Mike Benny [reviewed by She Is Too Fond of Books, The Children’s War,]


The Barracks Thief by Tobias Wolff [reviewed by Not Enough Books]

The Bird Skinner by Alice Greenway [reviewed by Bibliophile by the Sea,]

The Black Echo by Michael Connelly [reviewed by Mary Simonsen]

The Boat by Nam Le [reviewed by Musings of a Bookish Kitty]

Bloods by Wallace Terry [reviewed by chaotic compendiums]


Camelot’s Court by Robert Dallek [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit,]

Chasing Stardust by Laurel-Rain Snow [reviewed by Layers of Thought]

Comeback Love by Peter Golden [reviewed by Canadian Bookworm,]

The Cool Woman by John Aubrey Anderson [reviewed by Reviews by Molly, Savvy Verse & Wit]

Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia Kadohata [reviewed by Becky’s Book Reviews, Book Clutter]


Darkroom by Joshua Graham [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit,]

Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam edited by Bernard Edelman [reviewed by Not Enough Books]

Dien Cai Dau by Yusef Komunyakaa [reviewed by Diary of an Eccentric, Savvy Verse & Wit]

Dispatches by Michael Herr [reviewed by chaotic compendiums, Matt’s Book Blog, Beauty is a Sleeping Cat, A Work in Progress,]

Dragon House by John Shors [reviewed by Amused by Books, Books and Movies, Savvy Verse & Wit]

Dogtag Summer by Elizabeth Partridge [reviewed by Tina Says…,]


The Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars by Andrew Pham [reviewed by Books and other Stuff]

Everybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King [reviewed by Booking Mama, Under the Boardwalk,]


The Fall of Saigon by Michael V. Uschan [reviewed by Diary of an Eccentric, Savvy Verse & Wit]

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers [reviewed by A Bookshelf Monstrosity, Bookworm Baby, Biblio File, Living to Think, Savvy Verse & Wit, Bookfoolery,]

Falling Through the Earth by Danielle Trussoni [reviewed by Living to Think]

Fatal Light by Richard Currey [reviewed by Diary of an Eccentric, Reading Thru the Night, Savvy Verse & Wit, Scrappy Cat]

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman [reviewed by Layers of Thought, Textual Frigate, Gossamer Obsessions,]

Fortunate Son: The Healing of a Vietnam Vet by Lewis B. Puller, Jr. [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]

The Frangipani Hotel by Violet Kupersmith [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit,]

Full Moon Boat by Fred Marchant [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit]


Going After Cacciato by Tim O’Brien [reviewed by Mary Simonsen, Rantings of a Bookworm Couch Potato, Scrappy Cat, Jules’ Book Reviews,]


The Headmaster’s Wager by Vincent Lam [reviewed by Canadian Bookworm, Book Dilettante,]

The Healer of Fox Hollow by Joann Rose Leonard [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit,]

The Healer’s War by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough [reviewed by Layers of Thought]


I, Sniper by Stephen Hunter [reviewed by Living to Think]

In Pharoah’s Army by Tobias Wolff [reviewed by chaotic compendiums]

In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O’Brien [reviewed by A Guy’s Moleskine NotebookScrappy Cat]

In the Presence of Mine Enemies by Howard and Phyllis Rutledge [reviewed by Bookfoolery and Babble]

Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai [reviewed by Bermudaonion, Becky’s Book Reviews, Book Snob,]

In the Wake of the Boatman by Jonathon Scott Fuqua [reviewed by Book Addiction, Caribousmom, Everything Distils Into Reading, In Spring It Is the Dawn, Layers of Thought, Not Enough Books]



Kaleidoscope Eyes by Jen Bryant [reviewed by Becky’s Book Reviews, Tina Says…]


Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram [reviewed by Book Snob,]

Last Reflections on a War by Bernard B. Fall [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann [reviewed by Beth Fish Reads, Betty and Book Chronicles, Bibliophile by the Sea, Book Chatter, Book Club Classics, Booking Mama, BookNAround, Caribousmom, Diary of an Eccentric, Joyfully Retired at Quirky Girls Read, Life . . . With Books, NYC Book Girl, Park Benches and Bookends, The Reading Life, Ready When You Are, C.B., Savvy Verse & Wit, Scrappy Cat, Shelf Love, She Is Too Fond of Books, S. Krishna’s Books, Sophisticated Dorkiness, Stephanie’s Written Word, Tutu’s Two Cents, You’ve GOTTA read this!, Diary of a Bookworm,]

Letter to my Daughter by George Bishop [reviewed by A Reader’s Respite, Bermudaonion, Bibliophile by the Sea, Book Club Classics, Books and Movies, Carpe Libris, The Crazy Life of a Bookaholic Mom, Diary of an Eccentric, 5 Minutes for Books, Lit and Life, Luxury Reading, Missy’s Book Nook, My Cozy Book Nook, My Life in Not So Many Words, The Novel Bookworm, Reading at the Beach, Redlady’s Reading Room, Reviews by Molly, Savvy Verse & Wit, Scrappy Cat, Suko’s Notebook, The 3 R’s Blog, Tutu’s Two Cents, Write for a Reader]

Lizzie’s War by Tim Farrington [reviewed by Book Clutter]

The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli [reviewed by 1330V, At Home With Books, Book Bird Dog, Bookfoolery and Babble, The Book Inn, Book Journey, BookNAround, Bookworm’s Dinner, Books and Movies, the bookworm, Capricious Reader, Caribousmom, Chaotic Compendiums, Diary of an Eccentric, dog eared copy, Helen’s Book Blog, In the Next Room, Life in the Thumb, Lit and Life, Luxury Reading, The Magic Lasso, Man of la Book, MariReads, Melody & Words, Melody’s Reading Corner, Musings of a Bookish Kitty, Musings of an All Purpose Monkey, My Friend Amy, Nomad Reader, Page247, Raging Bibliomania, Rhapsody in Books, Rundpinne, Savvy Verse & Wit, She Is Too Fond of Books, Simply Stacie, Suko’s Notebook, Tina Says…, The 3 R’s Blog, Tutu’s Two Cents, The Well-Read Wife, Word Lily, A Work in Progress, You’ve Gotta Read This!!]

Lulu in the Sky by Loung Ung [reviewed by Book Dilettante,]


The Making of a Quagmire:  America and Vietnam During the Kennedy Era (1965) by David Halberstam [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]

The Man From Saigon by Marti Leimbach [reviewed by A Book A Week, Amused by Books, Book Club Classics, Dan’s Journal, Tutu’s Two Cents]

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes [reviewed by Bibliophile By the Sea, Book Clutter, Diary of an Eccentric, dog eared copy, Savvy Verse & Wit, Under the Boardwalk, Bookworm Baby, Toothy Books,]

My Detachment by Tracy Kidder [reviewed by After a Fire Came a Gentle Whisper]

My Lai 4: A Report on the Massacre and Its Aftermath by Seymour Hersh [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]


Neil Armstrong Is my Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me by Nan Marino [reviewed by Tina Says. . .]

Novel Without a Name by Duong Thu Huong [reviewed by Books and other Stuff, Matt’s Book Blog]


Once a Warrior King: Memories of an Officer in Vietnam by David Donovan [reviewed by Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books, Matt’s Book Blog]

The Other Side by Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart [reviewed by Musings of a Bookish Kitty]

Our War: What We Did in Vietnam and What It Did to Us by David Harris [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]


Paco’s Story by Larry Heinemann [reviewed by Book Clutter, Diary of an Eccentric, Hello, My Name Is Alice, Jules’ Book Reviews, Musings of a Bookish Kitty (parts 1,2,3), Not Enough Books, Savvy Verse & Wit, Scrappy Cat]

Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong [reviewed by Shelf Love,]

Platoon Leader: A Memoir of Command in Combat by James R. McDonough [reviewed by Major Yammerton,]

Playing Basketball with the Viet Cong by Kevin Bowen [reviewed by Diary of an Eccentric, Savvy Verse & Wit]

Plum Wine by Angela Davis-Gardner [reviewed by Books and Movies,]

Postmodern American Fiction: A Norton Anthology (featuring the short story “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien) [reviewed by Ardent Reader]


The Quiet American by Graham Greene [reviewed by Books and Movies, Savidge Reads,]


Rainy Lake by Mary Francois Rockcastle [reviewed by Layers of Thought]

The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel [reviewed by Layers of Thought]

The Reeducation of Cherry Truong by Aimee Phan [reviewed by Back to Books,]

Remembering Heaven’s Face: A Moral Witness in Vietnam by John Balaban [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldier: A Memoir by Dean Ellis Kohler with Susan VanHecke [reviewed by Biblio File]

The Running Man by Michael Gerard Bauer [reviewed by Becky’s Book Reviews]

Running With the Enemy by Lloyd Lofthouse [reviewed by Book Dilettante,]


Saigon by Anthony Grey [reviewed by Canadian Bookworm,]

Saint Training by Elizabeth Fixmer [reviewed by Tina Says…]

Search and Destroy by Dean Hughes [reviewed by Book Clutter]

Semper Cool by Barry Fixler [reviewed by Impressions in Ink, Knitting and Sundries, Layers of Thought, Mental Foodie, Musings of a Bookish Kitty, My Love Affair With Books, Savvy Verse & Wit, Tutu’s Two Cents]

The Sentimentalists by Johanna Skibsrud [reviewed by Nomad Reader]

Shooting the Moon by Francis O’Roark Dowell [reviewed by Biblio File, Diary of an Eccentric]

Song of Napalm by Bruce Weigl [reviewed by Diary of an Eccentric, Savvy Verse & Wit]

The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh [reviewed by Beauty is a Sleeping Cat,]

Stalking the Vietcong: Inside Operation Phoenix by Stuart Herrington [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]


Then Came the Evening by Brian Hart [reviewed by Layers of Thought]

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien [reviewed by A Book Blog. Period., A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook, A Reader’s Respite, A Work in ProgressAge 30+ A Lifetime of Books, Beauty Is a Sleeping Cat, Bermudaonion, Book Clutter, Bookfoolery and Babble, Books I Done Read, Books and Movies, Care’s Online Book Club, Diary of an Eccentric, Dog Eared Copy, Exile on Ninth Street, Jules’ Book Reviews, Kaptica Reviews and News, Lit and Life (guest review), Lit and Life, Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity, Musings of a Bookish Kitty, My Books Read, Not Enough Books, Reading on a Rainy Day, Rhapsody in Books, Scrappy Cat, Silver Season, Small World Reads, Sophisticated Dorkiness, Tutu’s Two Cents, Unruly Reader, You’ve Gotta Read This!!!, Gerbera Daisy Diaries, Farm Lane Books, Library Educated,]

13 Cent Killers, The 5th Marine Snipers in Vietnam by John J. Culbertson [reviewed by Impressions in Ink]

Thirty Days With My Father by Christal Presley, PhD [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit,]

This Must Be My Brother by Leann Thieman and Carol Dey [reviewed by Books and other Stuff]

365 Days by Ronald J. Glasser [reviewed by Living to Think]

The Time in Between by David Bergen [reviewed by Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books, Everything Distils Into Reading,]

Tipping Point by Fred Marchant [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit]


The Unwanted by Kien Nguyen [Books and other Stuff, Scrappy Cat]


Vietnamerica:  A Family’s Journey by GB Tran [reviewed by Booklust]

The Vietnam Reader by Walter Capps [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]

Virgin Soul by Judy Juanita [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit]


The Waiting by Suzanne Woods Fisher [reviewed by Reviews by Molly]

Waiting Wives by Donna Moreau [reviewed by Tina Says. . .]

War & Watermelon by Rich Wallace [reviewed by 1330v, The Broke and the BookishCafe of Dreams, Confessions of a Real Librarian, Cozy in Texas, Diary of an Eccentric, girlichef, Jenn’s Bookshelves, Joyfully Retired, Knowing the Difference, My Words Ate Me, Reviews by Molly, Savvy Verse & Wit, Shooting Stars Mag, Tahleen Reads, There’s a Book, Tina Says… Well Read Wife, Wordy Evidence of the Fact,]

War Comes to Long An: Revolutionary Conflict in a Vietnamese Province by Jeffrey Race [reviewed by Matt’s Book Blog]

War Stories: An Enlisted Marine in Vietnam by Stephen G. MacDonald [reviewed by Back to Books,]

War Torn: Stories of War from the Women Reporters who Covered Vietnam by Tad Bartimus, Denby Fawcett, Jurate Kazickas, Edith Lederer, Ann Bryan Mariano, Anne Morrissy Merick, Laura Palmer, Kate Webb, Tracy Wood [reviewed by Tutu’s Two Cents]

What It Is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes [reviewed by Savvy Verse & Wit,]

We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (Ret.) and Joseph L. Galloway [reviewed by Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books]

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt [reviewed by Bermudaonion, Bibliofreak, The Book Nest, Tina Says. . .]

We Were Soldiers Once..and Young by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (Ret.) and Joseph L. Galloway [reviewed by Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books]




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