Movie Review: ABRAHAM LINCOLN directed by D.W. Griffith

Matt’s Book Blog reviewed the Abraham Lincoln biopic from 1930, directed by D.W. Griffith, for the U.S. Civil War Reading Challenge 2011.  Here’s an excerpt:

Told in episodes, the first third or so covers Lincoln’s early life in New Salem as he splits rails, minds a store, and establishes his credentials by beating up tough guys like Jack Armstrong. Una Merkal out-Gishes Lillian, extraordinarily winsome as Lincoln’s only love Ann Rutledge. Most of the movie, as we would expect, deals with Lincoln’s presidency during the Civil War and concludes with Lee’s surrender and Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theater.

Walter Huston is the spit and image of Lincoln, especially in the stovepipe hat. He tells Lincolnesque stories with the comic sense and timing of a born story-teller. He does somber, care-worn and determined very convincingly. The scenes with Lincoln and Grant show two extraordinary men taking each other’s measure and finding each other admirable.

Read the full review.

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