Review: BROKEN PROMISES by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman

Silly Little Mischief reviewed Broken Promises by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman for the U.S. Civil War Reading Challenge 2011.  Here’s an excerpt:

Once I read the summary of Broken Promises, I put it on my library queue. I also think the cover had something to do with it.

Broken Promises really is two stories that are sort intertwined with each other. First we have Charles Adams who has traveled to England as the Union’s ambassador. And then we have Julia Birch, a young woman living in England. I was far more interested in Julia’s story than Charles’ but that’s cause his had a lot more war related. Charles, as the the ambassador, is trying to help the Union and stop English businessmen from assisting the Confederacy. I had no idea that the English helped the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

Read the full review.

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