Review: THE SKY RAINED HEROES by Frederick E. LaCroix

The Sky Rained Heroes: A Journey From War to Remembrance by Frederick E. LaCroix was another book I read for the WWII reading challenge.  Here’s an excerpt from the review I posted on Diary of an Eccentric (click to read my complete thoughts):

This is what the book jacket promises — a memoir about the journey to return the flag.  However, I was disappointed to learn that the flag is only mentioned in detail at the very beginning and very end of the book.

What fills the remaining pages is a history lesson.  LaCroix goes into great detail about the history of Japan, its military, and the reasons behind the Japanese invasion of China and other nearby nations.  I found a lot of interesting because I know a lot about the European aspect of World War II and next to nothing about the war in the Pacific.  However, some of the writing is dry and reads like a textbook, which made it difficult for me to stay focused.  Other times, LaCroix inserts his own opinions in flowery language that seems out of place in a non-fiction book.

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