Reviews: BLOODY GOOD by Georgia Evans

Serena and I couldn’t resist Bloody Good by Georgia Evans.  Nazis and vampires working together to invade England during WWII?  Here are snippets from our reviews; click the links to read our full thoughts on the book.

On Savvy Verse & Wit, Serena said:

Evans does a great job of establishing a surreal world in which Nazi’s and vampires work together for the same cause, at least until the vampires deem themselves able to take over. Dr. Doyle, her grandmother, and friends work together to uncover the secret Nazi mission and stop the vampires from succeeding in destroying the munitions plant.

On Diary of an Eccentric, I wrote:

Evans tells an interesting story of two people falling in love amid a battle involving supernatural creatures, from vampires and fairies to pixies, werefoxes, and dragons. (I wasn’t expecting the dragons, but it was an interesting touch.)

Bloody Good isn’t a literary masterpiece, but it’s a fun read. The only drawbacks for me were the explicit sex scenes that did nothing to further the plot. They didn’t bother me enough to stop reading the book, but if you’re not into that sort of thing, consider yourself warned.

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