Flashlight Worthy WWII/Holocaust Books

Flashlight Worthy asked Anna and myself to provide them with a list of top WWII/Holocaust books for book club discussions, and so, naturally, we did.

If you’re interested to see which books we selected for the list from all the books we read in 2009 for the WWII Reading Challenge, please go here.

What books do you think should have been on the list — that we might have missed — and why?


Also, here’s some additional information:

Open Call for Lists of Book Club Recommendations!

Hello from Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations (where you can find books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime).

It seems the book club community has recently discovered my lists of book club books. People say they love the lists and they’re clamoring for more. That’s where you come in.

While I’ve read plenty of books, I’m looking to avid readers such as you to contribute new lists — themed, annotated lists of highly discussable books.

Can you name and describe 5+ flashlight worthy, discussable books that follow a theme? Maybe ‘7 Great Books that Revolve Around Food’? Or ‘6 Women’s Memoirs That Will Start an Argument’. How About ‘5 Discussable Novels Set in Africa’?

Take a look at the book club books I have and give it some thought. 

If you’re interested, email me at info@flashlightworthy.com.

Thanks so much and happy reading!

(The guy who runs Flashlight Worthy)
Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations
Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime. 😉

Breaking WWII-Related News

Miep Gies, woman credited with saving Anne Frank's Diary

On Jan. 11, 2010, Miep Gies, the woman credited with saving and smuggling out Anne Frank’s famous diary died at the age of 100.  She helped hide Frank’s family from the Nazis.  Check out the full story at The Washington Post.

Also, Anna did a great article about Gies and her memoir at the Baltimore Literature Examiner.  Go check it out.

Auschwitz Sign Recovered . . .

If you missed our earlier posting about the thievery in Poland of the 16 foot, iron sign at the gate of Auschwitz, the most infamous of the concentration camps, check it out here.  It generated quite a bit of discussion.

The latest from Polish authorities, according to Reuters, is that the sign has been recovered and that five men have been arrested.  The men are not members of the Neo-Nazis as some had presumed, and allegedly stole the sign for financial reasons.  The sign has been sliced into three pieces.  Several of the men have been convicted of robbery in the past.

There’s more at NPR, the LA Times, and other news outlets.

Breaking News…Auschwitz 16 ft. Sign Stolen!

In Poland at the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz, which has since become a museum and way of remembering the deceased, perpetrators stole the 16 foot sign from the main gate.  The sign, which says “Work sets you free,” is made of iron and was taken on Dec. 18.  Check out this New York Times story.

Across Poland, according to AFP, border patrols have been increased and road blocks continue to be used to locate the thieves.  Meanwhile, Polish authorities are combing the former concentration camp for further evidence.

Over 1 million, mainly Jewish “residents” of Auschwitz were killed, or I would more accurately say murdered.  Why would someone steal the sign?  How many people does it take to remove and walk away with a 16 foot, iron sign?

Since the disappearance of the sign, authorities have replaced it with a replica.

Reviews: NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry was another popular WWII title this year, with quite a few participants reviewing it.

Check out these excerpts, and if you want to read the full review, click on the links:

Age 30+ . . . A Lifetime of Books said:

This young adult book is set during World War II in Denmark. The brief story unfolds through the eyes of a young girl named Annemarie whose best friend is Jewish. As Holocaust-era stories go, this is a very tame one.

The Reading Life said:

Number the Stars is tale of courage and a depiction of human kindness in the face of evil. I learned some very interesting things about the Danish’s people efforts to help their Jewish citizens in WWII. This is very uplifting book.

Diary of an Eccentric said:

It’s a quick read for an adult, as it’s a middle-grade book spanning less than 140 pages. Lowry is a talented writer, and I can see why this book won the Newbery. Her characters are compelling and real, and there is plenty of tension and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Bookmarked! said:

The book was not as sad as I thought, and it was in fact quite positive and hopeful — unexpected for a Holocaust novel.

**Attention participants:  Remember to email us a link to your reviews, and we’ll post them here so we can see what everyone is reading!**

THE APPLE by Penelope J. Holt Takes Look at Holocaust Hoax

The Apple by Penelope J. Holt, slated for release the first week of September, focuses on the Herman Rosenblat Holocaust hoax. You might remember Rosenblat as the Holocaust survivor whose memoir was a love story centering on a young girl who threw apples over the fence of the camp where his family was held captive. He claimed this young girl’s actions helped him to survive. However, it was revealed that the story of the girl with the apples wasn’t true.

In The Apple, Holt researches the Rosenblat story, detailing the things he witnessed during the war and aiming to determine the reasons why he embellished the facts. She pulls in other Holocaust resources from books like The Diary of Anne Frank to movies like Schindler’s List.

If you’re interested in The Apple, Lisa Kerber from York House Press says 5 signed copies are up for grabs. Here are the details:


Share what you think is the most memorable piece of media about the Holocaust and why? (Books/Movies/Television/Article/Art)

And find out about the Book Giveaway of “The Apple” by Penelope Holt, based on the Oprah/Herman Rosenblat Holocaust Memoir “Hoax”.

Go to theapplenovel.com to learn more and post your comment.

Book bloggers, if you would like a link to your book blog from theapplenovel.com links page, just send an email to info@yorkhousepress or direct message yorkhousepress on Twitter.

Lisa says the giveaway is running through the month of September.

Latest WWII News

We just wanted to share with everyone some really great articles and blog postings related to WWII and the Holocaust.

August 4, 1944, Anne Frank was captured by the Nazi police, check out Rhapsody in Books blog post about the incident.

Have you read Anne Frank’s Diary or any other books related to her life?  What did you think of them?

In case you haven’t been following the news about the Nazi guard John Demjanjuk, check out this CBC News story.

James von Brunn has again been in the news, particularly the New York Times, as more clues are unearthed about the day he entered the U.S. Holocaust Musuem.  Additionally, the Washington Post reported about James von Brunn’s personal situation and possible motivations.

Do James von Brunn’s troubles excuse what he did; do they make him more sympathetic; or is this new evidence/background merely a ploy to help his defense?

Check Out My Article on Holocaust Literature

examiner_logo-headerSerena and I both were lucky enough to snag freelance gigs

recently on Examiner.com.  [Click our names to be taken to our respective pages.  We hope you’ll check out our pages/articles, maybe even spread the word and subscribe to our articles, as your support will make this a more successful venture!]

I wanted to direct you to my first article on Holocaust literature, as it pertains to the WWII reading challenge.  Feel free to comment over there and let me know what you think!

Holocaust Deniers and Facebook

Holocaust deniers seem to be still around, and the Christian Science Monitor‘s blog discussed earlier this month how some Facebook communities are maintained by people who do not believe the Holocaust occurred.  While Facebook says that these communities do not represent the company’s ideals, the social networking site is willing to allow these communities to express their rights to free speech.

Any thoughts?

Pope’s Visit to Israel

Pope Benedict XVI will be visiting the Holy Land for five days and according to the Christian Science Monitor, the Pope is urging a two-state solution and peace.

On the one hand, the Pope will honor 6 million Holocaust victims, but on the other, he is supportive of a Palestinian state.  Pope Benedict XVI has had a rough time in the public eye on both sides of this conflict, with Muslims angered by his earlier readings of Medieval text depicting Muhammad as violent and with Jews who were angered by the Pope’s support of Pius XII who did little to save Jews during the Holocaust or to disparage the actions of the Nazis.

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