Reviews: NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry was another popular WWII title this year, with quite a few participants reviewing it.

Check out these excerpts, and if you want to read the full review, click on the links:

Age 30+ . . . A Lifetime of Books said:

This young adult book is set during World War II in Denmark. The brief story unfolds through the eyes of a young girl named Annemarie whose best friend is Jewish. As Holocaust-era stories go, this is a very tame one.

The Reading Life said:

Number the Stars is tale of courage and a depiction of human kindness in the face of evil. I learned some very interesting things about the Danish’s people efforts to help their Jewish citizens in WWII. This is very uplifting book.

Diary of an Eccentric said:

It’s a quick read for an adult, as it’s a middle-grade book spanning less than 140 pages. Lowry is a talented writer, and I can see why this book won the Newbery. Her characters are compelling and real, and there is plenty of tension and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Bookmarked! said:

The book was not as sad as I thought, and it was in fact quite positive and hopeful — unexpected for a Holocaust novel.

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Review: NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry

number the starsSandy from You’ve GOTTA read this! recently reviewed Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.  Here’s an excerpt:

I know I will sound like a broken record, but Lowry’s stories are something very special. They have a touch of magic, a touch of whimsy, and a touch of unflinching stone-cold reality. Lowry isn’t afraid to unveil a bit of brutality, death or prejudice, which makes us all a little bit afraid of what is going to happen in each chapter of her books.

Read the rest of the review here.


**Attention participants:  remember to email us a link to your reviews, and we’ll post them here so we can see what everyone is reading!**

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