Review: ONE MAN’S JUSTICE by Akira Yoshimura

Mel U from The Reading Life read and reviewed One Man’s Justice by Akira Yoshimura for the WWII reading challenge.  Here’s an excerpt:

The story is wonderfully told.   It is in part a universal tale of a defeated soldier returning home to a country that does not want him around,  as a reminder of what happened.    Japanese will experience this book in a different way than westerners, I think.   Those of us whose fathers, grandfather, and great grandfathers fought on the other side will see it differently.   It is a simple fact that given the opportunity the Japanese and Germans would have carpet bombed the USA, UK  and Australia with atom bombs.   To me the fact that the book can make us see an enemy as human shows the artistic wonder of One Man’s Justice.

Read the full review here.

**Attention participants:  Remember to email us a link to your reviews, and we’ll post them here so we can see what everyone is reading!**

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