Review: RACHEL SARAI’S VINEYARD by Deborah Rey

Lorri from Jew Wishes recently posted her thoughts on Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard by Deborah Rey.  Here’s a little of what she had to say:

Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard is not a pretty story, not a sugar-coated story, and not one to read if you are prone to having a weak stomach and/or dislike harsh language. But, for those who can persevere through the emotional content, you will finish the story with an education of how some children were abused and misused during World War II, to suit the goals of adults. You will come away appalled at how children could be forced into the workings and hold of the Resistance.  Deborah Rey’s writing is vivid and compelling, and she paints pictures that boggle the mind.

Read all of her thoughts here.

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